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I have always been a history buff and I carried that on into college where I majored in history. I love learning about all the events of the past and how those events came together to affect our world today. I especially love learning about the average people and how they lived and also learning about the more quirky events in history. That is why I was thrilled with the opportunity to review Curiosities of the Civil War“by Webb Garrison. The subtitle is “Strange Stories, Infamous Characters, and Bizarre Events.” That is right up my alley.

I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through this book.  However, the layout is a bit different from what I was expecting.  I was thinking it would be full chapters of interesting information written in a story or essay format.  Instead, it is broken up into nine themed chapters that have tidbits of information that are no more than two paragraphs a piece.  While it is not what I was expecting at first I do like how this book was written. It is perfect for a very busy homeschooling housewife.  I can pick the book up when I have a bit of time and read a few snippits as I go along.  I love that.  That being said this book is not one you would want to sit down and read all the way through on a Sunday afternoon.  Read it here and there.

The information contained in this book is fascinating.  Like I said before, I love rarely known and odd, quirky stories.  This fit the bill well.  The stories are no doubt strange and bizarre.  I would not recommend this book to anyone who wants a full view of the Civil War with themes, time line, etc.  It is probably good for people who already have a grasp on the Civil War and are interested in more random information to round out their education.

Five Stars!!

I received this book as part of the Tommy Nelson Booksneeze Blogging Program and this is my honest opinion.


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I was so excited when I received this book to review. I received the first book, Voices of the Faithful, as a Christmas present a couple of years ago and enjoyed every minute of it. I absolutely adore reading stories from missionaries all over the world. I always find them awe-inspiring and uplifting in my own spiritual walk. For that reason, I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to review Voices of the Faithful: Book 2. Book 2 was just as wonderful and inspiring as the first book.

Each day begins with a Bible verse and is followed with a few paragraphs written by a missionary about a story that goes along with the month’s theme. It ends with a prayer to close it all up. This book is written to be a daily devotional book and I believe it would be wonderful to go through it as a family. It could be easily read aloud with everyone gathered around. It easily opens the floor up to awesome discussions about world missions and what God is doing in other parts of the world.

However, I enjoyed reading this book a few stories at a time. I would often sit down and read 5-10 stories at a time Once I started I couldn’t put it down for a while. I just loved absorbing all those stories and learning more about God’s word through them. My ony complaint about this book is that the stories were not long enough.  Every time I would read a story I would want to know so much more about the missionary, the people, and the situation. I would feel like I was left hanging in so many ways. My appetite has definitely been whetted for more missionary stories.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in going on missions, who feels called to pray for missionaries, or anyone who is just beginning to learn about what God is doing out there. Go out and get this book for yourself and for your friends. You won’t regret it.

Note: I am a member of the Book Sneeze Blogger Team. Find more information here.

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As a Homeschool Mom I saw a true gem in The American Patriot’s Almanac.  William J. Bennett and John T.E. Cribb have provided 365 daily readings from American History.  This is not a book to curl up with on a cold evening, but it is fun to flip through.    The book is organized into 365 readings about an important event in American History that took place on that day.  Many of the readings are accompanied by a relevant image.  There is also five other events in American History listed for each day if you feel inspired to study more.  At the end of each month there is another article such as “Flags of The Revolutionary War,” “The History of the Stars and Stripes,” and “Fifty American Quotes.”  Just these articles are worth reading but they are just part of an amazing book.

From a Homeschooler’s perspective I could see this book being used as a “spine book” or as a base book in an American History curriculum.  The teacher/parent could look ahead for each week or month to see what events are presented and then use that to check out books from the library.  Each lesson could be spent reading the article in this book and then learning more in library books.

As a history buff who doesn’t have much time to read, I really enjoy this book because I can get my daily does of history without spending much time in a book. It also sparks interest in new topics I never thought about exploring. This book will most definitely be sitting in prominent place on our family bookshelf. Worth every penny!

I did receive this book in exchange for my honest review from Book Sneeze. This post reflects my completely honest opinion on this splendid book.

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People who know me may wonder why I am reviewing Bringing Up Girls by Dr. James Dobson.  You see, I have only one child and that child is a boy. I have no girls to bring up.  But, it is in faith that I will some day have a girl of my own that agreed to read and review this book.

I have to admit that the idea of raising a girl makes me nervous.  If I am blessed with a girl I want to raise her to love the Lord above all else, be who He created her to be, and to not be swayed by modern culture.  It is scary out there and Dr. Dobson doesn’t pull any punches on the truth. First, Dr. Dobson explains what makes a girl a girl.  It is clear to all of us that girls are vastly different from boys and he explains how we can embrace those differences for the good.  He is also  very clear about all the attacks a young girl must navigate on a daily basis (bullies, weight issues, sexuality, etc.).  He then goes on to explain how we as parents can hold her hand and help her navigate with strength.  He drills into your head how incredibly important a loving and involved father is in a girl’s life.  Family dinner is essential as is regular church attendance.  Dr. Dobson does a fine job of explaining girls from a Godly point of view and how we as parents can raise them in a way that glorifies their Creator.

It is in the Lord’s hands whether or not we are blessed with a beautiful daughter.  I am thankful for books like Bringing Up Girls to help me prepare and if it is not His will for us to have a daughter, I am more than happy and willing to share this incredible resource with friends and family.

As part of the Tyndale Blogging Network, I was offered a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  This is my honest review.

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Project 365

It is amazing how life can run away from you and that is exactly what has happened with my Project 365 posts here on the blog. This Spring, while beautiful and fresh, has brought an over-abundance of pollen to our area. All that pollen has made my allergies flare up like never before and has forced me to stay inside a lot more. Not feeling well has made it very hard to pick up my camera in search of great pictures. I have also been working extra hours at my part-time job making it feel not quite part-time. So, my time has been filled up with work, housework, and medicating weary sinuses and lungs. Even my poor son is noticing that Mommy just isn’t herself. *SIGH*

With that said, you know why I have missed a few days posting pictures.  I hope and pray to start posting as soon as possible.  I am saddened that this means I won’t have a picture for every day of the year.  I was so pumped to complete this project in its entirety.  But, like I said before, life has a way of getting away from us.  Thanks so much for keeping up this long.  The pollen will clear soon and probably just in time for some great swimming pictures. 🙂

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Will the ball hit some pins?

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Outside, 365-64

After a month of cold temperatures and sickness, it was so nice to finally get outside in the Sunshine

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