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Why I Run

The truth is that I am not asked, “Why do you run?” very often if at all. I’m not some incredibly talented runner who can go fast and long. I have never won a race and I am firmly in the pack of the pack. I am not some existential runner who causes people to constantly ask Why? I am just that girl who is seen randomly on the side of the road pushing the hardest she can. I am barked at and chased by dogs. I am cheered by supportive drivers and I am forced off the road by others who think it is funny to make a runner jump. My mileage is low (right now) and my pace is slow. But, I still get out that front door at least 3 times a week and I pound the pavement. My legs are tired when I return and oftentimes my muscles ache. Why would I do such a thing? Why would I seemingly put myself in danger and cause myself discomfort?

I will tell you.

I could easily say that I run to shed this extra weight that has never left me after the birth of my son four years ago. I could say I run for extra fitness and a beautiful body. I could say I run to make myself more attractive to my husband. All these things are very true and I am confident that all these things will happen. They will happen in their own time. But, I don’t focus on them.

Well, why do you run then? I will tell you.

It goes far deeper than my weight, fitness, and appearance.

I run to prove to myself that I can. My life has been filled with attempts at many things only to be pushed aside when they got hard. I have started weight loss and fitness programs only to give up when I got uncomfortable. And then I would nurse my sense of failure with laziness and food. I would start a business idea only to give up when the nitty gritty took hold. I have started writing many times only to stop when my mind went blank, convinced that meant I was never destined to be a writer. I bought the lie that it should all come easily. Hook…Line…and Sinker.

Where has this taken me. Nowhere. It is true that I am blessed to be a wife and a mother and nothing can take that away from me. I am a Homemaker and a Homeschooler and I love the life God has given me. But, I know there is so much more potential in this mother of one. I just haven’t allowed myself to find it. Once it gets hard, I quit. I praise the Lord I have never quit on being a wife and mother.

I will train for a marathon (26.2 miles) to prove that I can do something hard and I can finish it. I will prove that I can. I will prove that I can dig deep inside myself for the energy and strength I need. I will call upon the Lord to get me to the finish line because I know only He can get this “nothing special” lady there. I will prove that I can push through the hard days. I will prove that I can silent the thoughts that say “this is too hard. Stop, “ and instead choose to listen to the thoughts of affirmation and encouragement.

I do not run to win or to prove anything to anyone. I do not compete. Pace and race times are merely tools for quantifying improvement.

I run to prove that I can.

I run to change my life.


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I have found a new mission in my kitchen.

Do you remember when I posted about my new Wonder Mill?  I loved it then and I still love it now.  I have been making all of our sandwich bread from my Hard White wheat ever since I got it. The only problem is that I have been kind of nervous about trying other baked goods with my wheat.  I now have a bucket of Hard White Wheat (for yeast breads) and Soft White Wheat (For non-yeasty breads).  The Soft White Wheat bucket, unfortunately, has been sitting almost dormant lately.  I am afraid to try biscuits, cookies, muffins, or whatever.  While I know the wheat is better for us, I also know that all my “store bought white flour” recipes work and are yummy.

Last week I came upon a recipe over at Heavenly Homemakers on how to make Funnel Cakes with freshly ground wheat.  WHAT?!?!  How in the world can you make Funnel Cakes from freshly ground wheat?  I decided that making those funnel cakes would be our Sunday Fun activity.  Guess what?  We were pleasently surprised how yummy they were.  Hubby and I gobbled down the entire recipe by ourselves.  Caleb didn’t want any but that is a story for another day.  Strange boy!

After I got intrigued about the funnel cakes I decided to do a little more looking over the Heavenly Homemakers website. I found so many recipes that only use freshly ground wheat.  I found more sandwich bread, bagels, pretzels, graham crackers, cinnamon rolls, and cheese crackers.  I also found some yummy snacky food that are all made from yummy, yet healthy ingredients.  I confess I went a bit crazy Saturday night printing out every recipe I found that used either freshly ground wheat or healthier ingredients.  Hubby wasn’t happy about that but I know he will be happy with the results.

I have gained a new resolve and a new mission in my kitchen.  I will dedicate my kitchen time to finding snacks and other yummies that are not only healthy but taste great too. I have been making most of our food from scratch for a while now and I love it.  I just want to take it to the next level and use healthier ingredients.  I even gave myself an incentive.  Every time that I think I need to buy some white flour from the store I will take the cash I would have used and put it away for my next bucket of wheat.  That way my grocery budget won’t be hit quite so hard next time.

I know there will be successes and failures in this adventure.  I will blog about it all here and I will, hopefully, remember to take pictures along the way. 🙂

Tastefully Yours,

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…to my fat cells, that is.

Did you see my photo for Project 365 today?  Go here to see it if you haven’t already.  That’s right.  My Body Mass Index is now officially in the ‘Obese’ category.  Wow!  Ugh! Stink! Gross!  Can I write more expletives? This is the heaviest I have ever weighed except for when I was pregnant.  I am utterly disgusted by myself. (Note: this is me being completely open, honest, and vulnerable with you.)

I have allowed myself go in the midst of taking care of everyone else. Being selfless has backfired this time.  I easily let exercise go and I emotionally eat.  That is a bad combination. I could write a lot more about my emotions and thoughts in this situation but that would do no good.

So, what am I doing about all this?  First, I am following Hubby’s exercise schedule.  I exercise everyday knowing that life will interrupt me.  I plan to exercise Monday-Friday with the Turbo Jam DVDs my Sister-in-Law is letting me borrow.  I know there will be days when I am sick, Caleb is sick, or there is a schedule conflict and exercise will not happen.  But, until those interruptions happen I will exercise each day. So far so good.

The hard part here is watching what I eat.  I sure do love food.  I love eating it and I love cooking it.  Eating isn’t just eating.  It is an experience.  I love finding new recipes and challenging myself in the kitchen.  I know there is a way to balance this passion with healthy eating.  I just have to find it.  I don’t have a real plan for this yet.  I am just trying to think twice about everything I put in my mouth.  I am reading labels again.

I have repented for allowing my body, God’s temple, to get so unhealthy.  I have apologized to my husband.  I said the other night, “I am sorry, Honey.  You have to look at this.”   And yet, he still says I am beautiful.  I have the best husband EVER!  That being said I am making it my mission to make this temple more healthy for God, my husband, and me.

Living on a prayer!

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As I sit here typing out this post I find it rather ironic that I am writing it today. I am about to tell you all about my exercise routine on a day when exercise is the last thing on my mind.  I feel blah and just gross.  I guess exercise is one of those things that you just do despite how you feel and then you are so thankful for it afterwards.

I am still following the same routine I wrote about here.

I have changed walking DVDs to the Walk Away the Pounds Express – Super Challenge which is a 4 mile walk.  I don’t always complete the full four miles.  That is one of the benefits of these in-home walking routines.  You can adapt the workout to how you doing that day.  Just the other day I started doing the workout and realized that I was still fatigued from a stomach bug I had the previous day so I only did one mile.  It was not much but I still did my exercise.  The videos I use at home are based on what is available at the library.  I am about to check out 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk. That should be interesting.

I continue to do the one hundred push ups training program. I am being completely humbled by doing this program.  I am realizing how weak I really am. The initial exhaustion test put me in the most conservative, a.k.a. weakest, category of training.  I found it challenging but quite do-able. There was another exhaustion test after the end of week two.  I was feeling fairly confident and hoped to be bumped up the next level of training.  Humbled again.  I remain in the lowest category. You can look here to see what the training looks like in week three.

I am trying to exercise at least four days a week.  Three of those days consist of the push ups and the walking and one day is just walking.  On the day I have just the walking I try to complete the entire video (4 miles or 5 miles, hopefully).  Getting back into a pretty regular exercise routine is really boosting my energy and my moods.  I look forward to giving you an even better update in a few weeks.

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Walk and Push

It is with much shock that I am happy to report that I actually really enjoy doing the Walk Away the Pounds DVD.  At first I was a little embarrassed about doing this workout because I thought it was meant for old people who couldn’t do anything else.  I do still feel like I am working out with my parents.  My change in attitude came when I realized that I felt somewhat sore after walking 3 miles in my living room. I did not have to brave the outdoors at 6 am.  I just put on my walking shoes and by the end of the DVD I have walked three miles.  That isn’t a small feet.  I work up a good sweat and I feel good afterwards.  The real clincher is that my knees don’t hurt afterwards.  I do believe I will keep doing these workouts for a while.  I will rotate the copies available at the library until I just can’t stand it anymore.

While this walking DVD is great I have still been feeling a little under-challenged.  I needed something that would appeal to my desire for youthfulness.  I came across the One Hundred Push Up Challenge awhile back and I was intrigued. It is a six-week program that is supposed to train you to do one hundred push ups in a row.  I figured I would do it once I got into shape again.

Well, there is no better time than the present.  I did the initial test last week (doing manly push-ups) and I failed miserably.  That was humbling.  I couldn’t get a SINGLE push up off the ground. I retried the test with my knees on the floor and I was able to pump out about three good form push ups.  That puts me at the lowest level of training.  That’s okay.  I am determined to do the One Hundred Push Ups. I will do this time around with my knees on the floor. I figure that if I can do the hundred with my knees on the floor I can turn right back around and do it again with my knees OFF the floor.  If I can do that I will get this t-shirt.

Wish my luck!!  Lord, Help me!

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Walking It Off

Let’s start this journey by talking about all the junk I have allowed into my body.  There is way too much weight on this poor, tired body.  It is no wonder I am so tired all the time carrying around all this weight. Blah!

I am ashamed to confess that I am at the same weight I was when I left college.  I didn’t gain the Freshman 15.  I gained the College 50.  I lost 40 pounds of that before I got married and I was feeling pretty good.  I then got pregnant and gained 30 pounds.  I then got down to my pre-pregnancy weight.  In the last three years I have gotten back to my pre-wedding weight.

I have been in a nasty exercise cycle for the last year or so.  I don’t like to exercise because it makes my knees hurt.  I know that if I lose weight my knees won’t hurt so much.  I won’t lose weight if I don’t exercise.  I hate to exercise because it makes my knees hurt.  Do you see the nasty cycle?  It is an epic battle to get myself to exercise each morning.

I talked to Hubby about this problem and he told me to swallow my pride and to do a low impact workout.  I was doing  exercise dvd’s like Turbo Jam and 30 Day Shred.  They are great workouts and I love doing them but they do a doozy on my knees.  They then become no good because I quit pretty quickly.

So, starting tomorrow I am going to forget my pride and do Walk Away the Pounds .  I am checking it out from the library and will do it for the duration of my checkout time.  If I like it I will, hopefully, renew my checkout and keep going. I say I am forgetting my pride because I’ve done this workout before and I felt totally old. Part of me feels like I should be jumping around, throwing punches, and lifting weights.

The truth is that I have totally gimp knees.  I am 30 years old and I can forecast the weather.  In fact, I was feeling today’s rain yesterday.  Just imagine me sitting on a front porch drinking my sweet tea saying “Yep, Honey!  It is going to rain for sure!  I can feel it in my bones.”  That’s me.  Who says you have to have a degree to foercast the weather?

The other truth is that I know my knees will feel at least mostly better if I just lose all this stupid weight.  I was once told that for every pound you lose it is five pounds of impact off your knees.  I know there are tons of other reasons to lose weight but I am focusing on the reason that is yelling at me with every storm cloud that is 50 miles away.

So, Hi Ho A-Walking I Will Go!

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